Official sponsors of Churches for Urban Ministry including congregations,  neighborhood councils, and community organizations, are designated its members.

Responsibilities of Membership:

  • Actively participate in the on-going ministries of the organization
  • Designate two(2) lay representatives in addition to the minister from each member congregation and one representative from affiliated organizations/agencies to attend general board meetings
  • Make an annual financial contribution and participate in annual fundraising events.

Lay Representative Responsibilities

  • Attend all general meetings of Churches for Urban Ministry and report back to the congregation/agency.
  • Encourage other members of the church or organization to understand and participate in Organization’s ministries.
  • Report to the member organization all announcements via newsletter, bulletin board, church committee, etc. in order to keep the sponsoring congregation/agency fully informed about Churches for Urban Ministry activities and needs.
  • Invite the Executive Director to speak at special groups such as prayer, women of the church, choir, youth, etc. within the congregation.
  • Keep the pastor informed of all activities and encourage his/her participation in.
  • Serve on at least one committee.